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Sheffield CBT Practice specialises in providing competitive CBT services for workplace and industry.

We offer therapy solutions to assist employers, managers, human resources departments and rehabilitation providers across the UK.


While well aware of the problem of absenteeism, many managers do not have a clear understanding of the full costs of employee absence. It is estimated that 131 million days are lost due to sickness in the UK alone (National Office statistics 2014) at a cost to companies of approximately £14 billion every year.

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Cost implications to employers for absenteeism include:

  • Compensating employees who are absent
  • Expense to fill the gaps with overtime
  • Hiring contract workers and associated training costs
  • Cost of managers time and loss of productivity


In addition to these costs it is estimated that these costs double if you take into account Presenteeism; these are the costs associated with employees who physically present at work, due to ill health and poor wellbeing are unable to perform productively for the organisation. Presenteeism can include physical and psychological health.

  • Problems for employers for presenteeism include:
  • Loss of productivity
  • Low morale of management and staff having to compensate
  • Relationship strain
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Organisational Wellbeing: managing stress in the workplace
Successful employers know that organisations perform better when their staff are healthy, motivated and focused.

Research consistently shows that when employees feel their work is meaningful and they are valued and supported, they tend to have higher wellbeing levels, be more committed to the organisation’s goals and, importantly, they take less sick days and perform better.

This strong relationship between levels of staff wellbeing and motivation and business performance is often called ‘employee engagement’.

Other areas that CBT is effective in the workplace Cognitive behavioural therapy is also useful for:
• Building confidence with presentations
• Assertiveness
• Overcoming procrastination and poor time management
• Relationship issues
• Low mood or low morale
• Anti-social behaviours
• Phobias
• Sleeping difficulties
• Trauma
• Substance misuse

Does your company have Health Insurance?

You may be able to claim on your company health insurance policy for some of our treatments for your employees.

What can Employers expect from Sheffield CBT Practice?

As an employer you can expect Sheffield CBT Practice to work with employers, trades unions and healthcare professionals to:
• Provide assessment of the workplace
• Improve Workplace Wellbeing
• Assessment of individuals who are experiencing difficulties
• Provide treatment assisting return to work and wellbeing

Our methods:

• Educating individuals and raising awareness
• Developing and adding to the range and capacity of occupational health services
• Providing practical rehabilitation packages and effective support for employers and employees

You can also expect us to:

• Give you rapid response to your enquiry
• Arrange an initial assessment appointment
• Give you an action plan
• Arrange further appointments for group or individual sessions

Choose Sheffield CBT Practice for your workplace, contact us to help with your Employee Wellness Programme.

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