Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy For Depression (MBCT)

What is Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression?

Anti-depressant medications can be very effective in treating an episode of depression. However, research has shown that once the episode has passed and medication is stopped, then depression can recur.

At least half of those treated for a first bout of depression will experience further occurrences.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) aims to identify the links between a negative mood and negative thought patterns and feelings in the body. When a person is aware of the links between how they feel and what they think, they are then able to utilise specific techniques taught to them by the therapist.

These can then prevent ruminative patterns of negative thinking occurring and stop the downward spiral from a brief low mood to full-blown depression.

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Does Mindfulness For Depression Work?

The UK National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) has endorsed MBCT as an effective treatment for prevention of relapse.

Research has shown that people who have been clinically depressed 3 or more times (sometimes for twenty years or more) find that taking the program and learning these skills helps in the present.

It can also considerably reduce their chances that depression will return.

How Will Mindfulness Practice Help You?

Understand Depression

Mindfulness can help you understand what depression is and how it impacts you

Beat The Downward Spiral

It will help you discover what makes you vulnerable to downward mood spirals, and why you get stuck at the bottom of the spiral

Identify connections

Between downward spirals and the high standards that oppress us

Not Being Good Enough Attitude

See how this attitude impacts the downward spiral

Self Imposed Pressure

The pressure we put on ourselves or make ourselves miserable with overwork feeds the downward spiral

Losing Touch With Ourselves

Downward spirals make it easier to lose touch with what makes life worth living

Understand Depression

Mindfulness can help you understand what depression is and how it impacts you