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Marsha Henderson (pronouns: she/her) is in the final months of her doctorate in Counselling Psychology, which combines psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural therapy with the science of psychology. She has experience working with individuals from the age of six upwards in a variety of different settings and modalities, including a play therapy service, a service dedicated to survivors of abuse, and acute and forensic psychiatric wards.

Marsha is skilled in working with individuals experiencing a range of difficulties such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, personality disorders, (complex) post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), relational difficulties, schizophrenia, and stigma-related issues.

marsha henderson

Throughout her training and practice, Marsha has upheld her recognition of the significant impact which culture, society, and family have on the individual’s mental health. In particular, she has sought to draw out the different needs of individuals with respect to the diverse groups they belong to, in order to promote their well-being, help them make informed choices about their own care and treatment, and to take back power in their own lives.

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