About Us

Your change is something we care about deeply. We are committed to helping you in whatever way we can

Sarah and Jane have worked together over the past 5 years and their mutual interest in helping people to overcome difficult and distressing times led them to setting up the Sheffield CBT Practice.  Both share qualities of enthusiasm, compassion, and empathy and are highly motivated individuals who enjoy their work.

Both feel strongly about ensuring Sheffield CBT Practice provides a safe and personalised service, addressing the needs of the individual alongside the Department of Health’s recommendations for treatment.

about us

At the centre of Sheffield CBT Practice is an approach that supports clients to reach psychological and personal well-being, and enable them to become their own therapists and sustain the benefits of the CBT approach.

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For more information or to check appointment availability call Sarah now on 0114 383 0004



Sarah is one half of The Sheffield CBT Practice. She is fully accredited by the BABCP, insured and registered so you can be sure you are working with a true professional.

Sarah Carson

Co-Owner & CBT Therapist

Jane is the second half of The Sheffield CBT team.

Jane McClarren

Co-Owner & CBT Therapist