Depression: The internal fight and seeking the right support.

As a practitioner I find myself working alongside client’s who are struggling with depression. As I write this blog today I am reminded of what a recent client said to me ‘You see me smile, others see me smile yet on the inside I am dying’. This is an all to common theme, for the internal struggle with the persistent negative though that people experience such as ‘I am hopeless’, ‘People would be better off without me’ ‘I am a just bringing others down’ are often kept within a person and not portrayed to others.

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of Robin Williams’ death. Hearing the news of Robin William’s suicide last year hit me the way I’m sure it hit many others who have suffered, or still suffer, from depression.

It made me think about the moments of darkness and hopelessness often described to me my clients. Some people have suggested that Robin Williams should have just asked for help. He probably did. Seeking help often the hardest step to take, as it requires a person to share the words ‘I feel low and don’t know what to do’. It also requires the right response from professionals and all to often GP’s are faced with the fact there are long waiting lists for talking therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Accessing help can be good, and it can also be hard and it means disclosing the internal pain. Help is not foolproof, and it’s not perfect. The best thing I find I can do for people is to be empathetic and help towards moving person towards seeing there is hope and towards the life they wish to have. Treatment for depression is structured but paced and tailored accordingly to the individual and works on moving towards personal goals.

Let’s make sure we’re there for people, that we advocate for better treatment and research, that we keep our eyes open to those who might be suffering and alone. For people suffering let’s be kind to ourselves, be patient with the pain, and remember that it is possible to survive and overcome even the worst moments of sadness and depression. Seeking help from the GP is the first step, considering the benefits of medication and therapy are also important.

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